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3rd Generation Family - Owned Business

Experience the Difference at Beyond Paradise Inc. – A Third Generation Family Business Since 1995. Discover Our Sprawling 14 Acre Garden Center, Dedicated to Serving Homeowners and Landscape Professionals Alike.


In 1995, beneath the Texas sun, Mr. Diaz, fueled by his profound love for trees, established a tree service company in the town of Tomball. This humble beginning marked the inception of the Diaz family's journey.

As they pruned branches and scaled trunks, an unexpected opportunity presented itself. Their hands, working with purpose and dedication, collected acorns, tiny treasures that would become the cornerstone of Beyond Paradise Inc. The humble act of gathering these acorns became the genesis of a dream that would grow beyond their wildest imaginations.

By 1998, Mr. Diaz's dream had taken firm hold. The family, inspired by the potential within those collected acorns, expanded their ambitions by establishing a tree farm, planting the seeds for Beyond Paradise Inc.

In circa 2001-2002, the humble tree farm evolved into a vast nursery. What began with Live Oaks grown from acorns transformed into a diverse collection of trees, rose bushes, shrubs, and palm trees, creating a rich tapestry of greenery that spoke to the family's dedication and expertise.

In 2004, with the growth of Beyond Paradise Inc., the Diaz family made a transformative move to Cypress, Texas. This relocation, spanning nearly two decades until 2022, presented both challenges and opportunities. The roots of Beyond Paradise Inc. spread in the new soil, evolving from a tree service company to a thriving tree farm and a vast nursery.

As the years passed, Beyond Paradise Inc. not only grew in size but also in reputation. The Live Oaks, nurtured from tiny acorns, became a symbol of resilience, sustainable practices, and a genuine passion for the environment.

In 2022, the Diaz family returned to Tomball, Texas, the place where their story began. In a grand culmination of their journey, they opened a 14-acre Garden Center, expanding Beyond Paradise Inc. to include a large addition of Garden Center and Landscape materials. This new venture marked a milestone, showcasing their dedication to providing not only trees but a holistic gardening and landscaping experience.

The legacy of Mr. Diaz lives on, woven into the sprawling branches of Live Oaks that were once mere acorns. Beyond Paradise Inc. is more than a business; it's a story of resilience, growth, and the triumph of a family's dedication. From the establishment of the tree service company in 1995 to the collection of acorns and the planting of the tree farm in 1998, the journey continued to flourish, culminating in the creation of a vast nursery and the opening of the 14-acre Garden Center in 2022 a testament that dreams, when nurtured with passion and perseverance, can transform into a legacy that spans generations.

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